• AWE Asia 2023


    AWE Asia marked its 9th annual conference with a spectacular event held in Singapore on August 30th and 31st, 2023. The conference featured a stellar lineup of more than 80 industry-leading keynote speakers and showcased over 60 exhibitions of groundbreaking Chinese XR projects and companies. Organized locally by Sunrise International, this year's conference attracted thousands of in-person attendees and an impressive 160,000+ viewers over livestream, shining a global spotlight on the significant contributions of Asian firms to the XR landscape.


    Keynote sessions commenced each day, with highlights including Dr. Mark Billinghurst's presentation on empathic tele-existence and Alvin Wang Graylin's take on the metaverse's societal risks and unifying potential. IEEE Standards Association President Yu Yuan discussed AI-metaverse synergies, while Ikhwan Cho and Terry Schussler unveiled the global launch of ifland, a metaverse platform. Content sessions spanned three stages, with speakers like venture capitalist Tipatat Chennavasi sharing startup success insights in the XR-centric world. Dr. Yujia Gao explored holomedicine's role as the next-gen integrated medical platform. Panel discussions showcased unique partnerships and ecosystems. One focused on AI-enhanced immersive education, featuring experts from Meta, Zoe Immersive, IMD, and Unity Technologies. Another gathered OEMs, investors, and developer platforms to discuss enriching the XR ecosystem in Asia.


    The expo hall buzzed with dynamic XR technology developments, from AI tools to hardware solutions and software applications. Exhibitors like XPANCEO, Dispelix, Immersal, Niantic, and the K-Metaverse pavilion, sponsored by NIPA, showcased innovative solutions.


    AWE Asia 2023 was a resounding success, bridging the gap between realities and propelling the XR industry into a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and boundless possibilities. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and join us in shaping the future of XR technology!

  • AWE Asia 2023 Agenda

  • AWE Asia 2023 



    XR Enablement

    A comprehensive look at the technologies that are enabling the spatial computing ecosystem to mature. Topics will include: AR cloud, 5G, generative AI, computer vision, SLAM, motion capture, display technology, semi-conductors, optics, audio, and projection mapping.

    Developer, Platforms & AI

    Featuring the work of developers across different platforms, highlighting the use cases, capabilities and shortcomings of today’s SDKs, as well as tutorials on the best platforms for building XR applications and virtual worlds. Also examines artificial intelligence, including generative AI, in XR, avatars, virtual beings, holograms, and the current and future generations of digitally-created “humans”.

    Enterprise & Industrial

    Featuring case studies of the different XR applications being used across all industry verticals to help improve safety, security, training, efficiency, reduce errors, and increase the bottom-line.

  • Healthcare, Wellness & Society

    Demonstrating the myriad ways XR is being used to improve physical and mental health and wellness. Also adopts a broader focus on the topic of XR impact on society as well as how we can use XR for good.

    Retail, Advertising & E-Commerce

    Exploring the ways brands are leveraging XR and AI-enabled virtual beings for increased engagement, sales, and personalization in both E-commerce and brick-and-mortar operations.

    Gaming, Entertainment & Media

    Showcasing how next-gen gaming, film and television, sports, and location-based attractions are leveraging XR in both the digital and physical domains.

    Web3, Creators, & Creator Economy

    Examining use cases, best practices, UX design considerations, and the ways creators can monetize their content. Exploring topics such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, digital ownership and token-based economics related to the Metaverse - the new iteration of the World Wide Web.

    Collaboration, Education & Training

    Showcasing the ways businesses and educational institutions are deploying XR to improve training, education, and meetings for employees and students.

    Start-ups & Investors

    Helping XR entrepreneurs get to the next level with pitching opportunities, mentoring from investors and advice on best practices and legal topics.

  • AWE Asia 2023 Speakers

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    Ori Inbar



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    Leticia Jauregui


    Head of Global Education Partnerships

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    Microsoft Corporation

    Senior Product Manager

    broken image

    Yu Yuan


    President of IEEE Standards Association

    broken image

    Brian McClendon


    Senior VP of Engineering

    broken image

    Vanessa Ching


    Inception Ecosystem and Startups Partnerships

    broken image

    Toshihiro Ohnuma


    Partnerships, Geo - Google Maps

    broken image

    Darwin Jocson

    Mercedes-Benz Singapore

    Manager – IT Business Engagement Lead

    broken image

    Alvin Wang Graylin


    Global VP of Corp. Dev.

    broken image

    David Jia


    Senior Manager,

    Software Engineer


    broken image

    Jong-Mun Goh


    China Venture Partner

    broken image

    Angelik Laboy

    Dolby Laboratories

    Developer Advocate

    broken image

    Michelle Khoo


    Center Leader, Deloitte Center for the Edge Southeast Asia

    broken image

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer

    AWE Asia


    broken image

    Joanne Teh


    Assistant Director (Innovation)

    broken image

    Päivi Laakso-Kuivalainen


    Chief Marketing Officer

    broken image

    Jake Tan


    Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

    broken image

    Ikhwan Cho

    SK Telecom

    VP, Head of Metaverse Service Dev.

    broken image

    Terry xR. Schussler

    Deutsche Telekom

    Sr. Dir., XR & Metaverse

    broken image

    David Weeks

    AWE Asia

    COO & Content Director

    broken image

    Yujia Gao

    National University Health System

    Assistant Group Chief Technology Officer

    broken image

    George Wong

    The Sandbox

    Head of Singapore

    broken image

    Ryan Hu

    AWE Asia


    broken image

    Benjamin Chen

    SMRT Corporation Ltd

    Lead, Learning Technologies

    broken image

    Kisson Lin


    Co-Founder and COO

    broken image

    Joeie Oon


    Co-Founder / Director

    broken image

    Fariz Hanapiah

    Experiential Design Team

    Creative Technology Director

    broken image

    Declan Dwyer

    Graviton Interactive

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

    broken image

    Shan Liu

    AWE Asia

    Executive Director

    broken image

    Terence Loo


    Co-Founder and CEO

    broken image

    Havene Liew

    XR Associates


    broken image

    Justin Wong


    Chief Product Officer

    broken image

    William Irawan


    CEO & Co-Founder

    broken image

    Ida Kymmer


    Director of Global Affairs

    broken image

    Yash Bhatia


    Marketing Communications

    broken image

    Yin Ye


    Experience Designer/ Researcher

    broken image

    Oliver Weidlich


    Director of Design and Innovation

    broken image

    Eric Hawkinson

    Together Learning

    Founder & Learning Futurist

    broken image

    Andy Lin


    VP Sales and Partnerships, APAC

    broken image

    Kyle Jackson


    Co-Founder & CEO


    broken image

    Joe Millward


    General Manager APAC

    broken image

    Sebastian Hofer

    Anything World

    Co-Founder & Creative Director

    broken image

    York Chen

    Suzhou Bearsunny Inc

    Founder & CEO

    broken image

    Etienne Chia

    Kingsmen Exhibits

    Director, Narrative experience and creative technology

    broken image

    Yi Yuan



    broken image

    Eddie Avil

    Shemaroo Entertainment & XROM

    Metaverse Strategist

    broken image

    Rahul Mishra

    Shemaroo Entertainment

    Head of Web3

    broken image

    Rodrigo Dias Takase

    JIX Reality

    Lead XR Developer