Lazius Kaye

Consultant, VR Essentials

Co-Creator China Creative HOlographics Talks with Billboard Music Awards creator & Former Executive Producer; Producer Olympic Youth Boxing VR Series in preparation of Japand Olympics; Producer VR Training Series China National Orchestra Musical Performances; Bytedance Marketing Lead in preparation of Malaysia and Singapore PICO 4VR; Content creator over 500 videos on Youtube, contributions in Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine; Ambassador to HP (VR), Logitech, Asus, Next Level Racing, DPVR and Cybershoes; Born raised in NICE (France English PArents, Moved Singapore in 2004).


Sub Stage 2:

Day 1 (August 30), 11:20 AM-10:45 AM

China XR Tales: Immersing Audiences and Olympic Athletes

Join us for an enlightening journey through Virtual Reality (VR) and Holographic Technology. In this talk, you will explore two cutting-edge projects that Lazius Kaye embarked upon from 2017 to 2019 in Beijing. These include a VR training program for China's upcoming Boxing Olympians in collaboration with China National Coach Liyang, and a Holographic Tech show with the Billboard Music Awards Creator and former executive producer, Rick Garson. This session will shed light on behind-the-scenes details and practical use cases. Learn how VR revolutionized boxing training, and how holography created visual magic on the Entertainment stage. Lazius Kaye will share insights into producing these shows, revealing how technology was harnessed for innovation.
Engaging, educational, and rich with real-world application, this talk offers valuable lessons for tech enthusiasts, creators, and curious minds alike. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, delving deeper into these intriguing projects. Don't miss this opportunity to understand how cutting-edge technology is reshaping industries and to gain inspiration for your own technological pursuits.