Justin Wong

Chief Product Officer, TrueXR

Justin Wong is the founder and chief product officer of TrueXR, the leading XR studio in Malaysia specializing in high fidelity volumetric production. He has collaborated with several telecommunication companies in Malaysia on a 5G Demonstration project, including producing one of the first UNESCO 8K 360VR contents on Langkawi Island. Justin has also helped institutes to create a virtual training classroom for the automotive industry, which enables trainees to interact with engine components and learn effectively through immersive visualizations. Justin's expertise in extended reality and his passion for exploring innovative solutions have made him a leading technologist in the field. His latest AR project, combining 3D visualization, volumetric capture technology, and advanced AR Visual Positioning Systems, offers users a unique and engaging way to learn about Malaysia's diverse history and preserve its unique stories and traditions for future generations.


Sub Stage 2:

Day 1 (August 30), 1:55 PM-2:50 PM (Panel)

XR and the Future of Work: Implications for Education and the Workforce

This session discusses the potential benefits of XR scenario based training in healthcare and education, exploring actual use cases developed for universities and medical centres in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The panel will share the challenges related to user learning curve, content creation, and equipment maintenance. Ethical considerations around data privacy, security, and user safety will also be addressed for responsible and sustainable deployment of XR technology.