Andy Lin

VP Sales and Partnerships, APAC, Dispelix

Andy Lin leads Dispelix's sales and partnerships in the Asia-Pacific region, engaging with ODM and other ecosystem partners as well as with the top OEM customers.

Andy has a background in both large consumer electronics companies, such as Foxconn and HTC, and in technology startups. He has extensive experience in driving regional business growth and creating strategic partnerships. Before Dispelix, Andy served at WaveOptics as Head of Business Development for Asia.

Andy holds a B. Sc. in Economics from the University of Utah.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 11:00 AM-11:25 AM

PERFECTING COMFORT - Vision behind Dispelix waveguide combiners for near-to-eye XR displays

See-through waveguide combiners are used as transparent displays in extended reality (XR) devices. Join Dispelix Vice president, Andy Lin as he discusses the importance of high-performing, full color, single-layer waveguides, which are essential for gaining broad user acceptance of XR technology. He will also explore how social, wearable, and visual comfort must be merged to create displays for all-day wearable XR glasses.