Dubbed by Forbes as “XR’s Most Essential Conference” and “The XR Conference for Everyone,” Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the world's leading AR/VR expo after more than 10 years of dedication, development, and high-quality events. AWE organizes four annual events (USA, EU, Asia, and Tel Aviv) and holds a number of other sessions all over the world.
    AWE Asia is an opportunity to bring together outstanding XR companies, investors, and other international stakeholders in Asia to promote the development of the local XR market. Since its inception in 2010, AWE has become a place where Fortune 500 companies find business solutions, form strategic partnerships, discover financing channels, recruit talent, and give birth to new start-ups. Every year, thousands of Asia’s industry leaders and top resources gather in one room to learn, network, and develop opportunities in every sense.
  • AWE Asia is brought to you by Sunrise International

    Sunrise is the local organizer and event producer of AWE ASIA. At Sunrise, we carefully craft media campaigns to help our clients cultivate partnerships, attract customers, and build a global reputation that matches their status in China . Whether it’s making your next conference or business development trip worthwhile, drawing in foreign buyers for your products, or getting more press for the work you do, Sunrise stands at the ready to help you tell the world who you are.

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  • Organizing Team

    Ori Inbar

    AWE Co-founder

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer​


    Ryan Hu

    Vice President

    Shan Liu

    Executive Director

    Liam Gui

    LiveStreaming and Tech

    Asiya Zhang

    BD Director

    Rita Wu

    Event Director

    Paige Hann

    Program Manager

    Rachel Ma

    Exhibitors Service Manager

    Sue Su

    Creative Designer

    Rae Wang

    Substage Operations Manager

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