Bon Teh

XR Solution Architect, Lenovo Singapore

Join us at this year's Augmented World Expo to gain insights from Bon. Hisjourney from programming roots to XR innovation promises to inspire as we navigate the evolving landscape of Extended Reality. Bon, a coder at heart whose two-decade journey has been a testament to his unwavering passion for technology. Having joined an AR VR startup eight years ago, Bon embarked on a transformative path, emerging as a pioneering force in Extended Reality (XR) visualization. His relentless dedication has driven his team to achieve significant milestones in the field of Immersive Virtual Reality Systems, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what XR can achieve. Presently, Bon holds the position of XR Solution Architect at the esteemed Lenovo ThinkReality team. In this capacity, he serves as a vital bridge between complex technological intricacies and real-world applications in the enterprise.


Sub Stage 1:

Day 1 (August 30), 3:35 PM-4:00 PM

A Practical Workshop Demonstrating How to Develop with Snapdragon Spaces

This session will be a practical and applied workshop for developers, offering instructions and advice on how to develop apps and use the developer kits for Snapdragon Spaces, lead by EnlightXR and Lenovo. One developer will share product user experience stories from Lenovo's A3 and VRX hardware environments.