Jong-Mun Goh

China Venture Partner, Brinc

JM brings with him 20 years both as an operator and an investor in the tech sector with focus on gaming, edtech, and entertainment sports. Having built, managed, and sold businesses across 4 continents, he was also committee member of the Singapore Chamber in Guangdong, and has advised some major cross-border M&A deals in the region. JM co-founded Niantic Ventures in 2021 and have been actively investing in the XR and metaverse space. He now serves as Venture Partner at Brinc China with the mandate to back startups that can bring a positive impact to the world.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 2:25 PM-2:50 PM

How Startups and Investors Team Up to Build XR for Social Impact

Creative entrepreneurs are trying to solve global challenges with XR. How can they push society and mankind forward? How can investors play a part in the effort? What opportunities are there for startups and investors? Is this all philanthropic or is there an upside to it?