Terence Loo

Co-Founder and CEO, Serl.Io

Terence Loo is the CEO and Co-founder of Serl.io, a leading Mixed Reality company offering a range of MR services and solutions, including the MRx platform.

Terence began his journey in 2011 leading a team developing mobile AR applications. Recognizing the far-reaching potential of the technology, his continued work in pushing the boundary of what AR can deliver helped position the team to be one of the first wave of HoloLens developers. This led to the co-founding of Serl.io in 2018.

Prior to his work in AR/MR, Terence brings over 15 years of technical engineering and engineering management experience in the aerospace industry.

Serl.io is a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner and works with enterprises, educational institutions and government organizations in leveraging MR to unlock new opportunities and efficiencies.


Sub Stage 2:

Day 2 (August 31), 10:20 AM-10:45 AM

Augmenting Anatomy: Revolutionizing Medical Education with Head-Mounted AR Devices

We share our journey of augmenting the delivery of anatomy lessons using head-mounted AR devices to overcome existing challenges such as access to real human organs and static 3D models that limit visualization of human physiology and body systems. We hope to share our best practices and challenges faced while creating a highly relevant and customized learning experience for our students, so that other learners can also benefit from this technological affordance.


Main Stage :

Day 2 (August 31), 2:55 PM-3:20 PM

The Future of Immersive Experiences: Navigating the World of XR

The fireside chat will discuss the current state of extended reality (XR) and what lies ahead in a world of fast-paced innovation. It brings together a panel of experts from government and industry including a local start-up and corporation, who have pioneered initiatives in this rapidly evolving XR scene. The panelists will dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with implementing XR projects in organisations today. Join us to discover how immersive technologies will increasingly play a pivotal role in how we experience the world.