Felipe Erias

Software Engineer and Interaction Designer, Igalia

Felipe Erias is a software engineer and interaction designer at Igalia, currently working on the Wolvic web browser for VR. He is also a contributor to the Chromium and WebKit web engines, as well as to several Internet standards. Previously he focused for a decade on mobile technologies, working on research as well as on commercial projects.

Felipe holds degrees on human-computer interaction from the universities of York (UK) and Malmö (Sweden), as well as on computer science from the university of Coruña (Spain).

Igalia is a Free Software consultancy with headquarters in Spain and developers all around the world, specialized in the development of innovative open source technologies on a wide set of platforms.


Sub Stage 1:

Day 1 (August 30), 1:55 PM-2:20 PM

Web Browsing in Extended Reality

Web browsing on Extended Reality enables users to navigate and interact with traditional web-based content as well as immersive WebXR experiences. This session will explore the technical challenges and design opportunities of creating a Web browser designed specifically for XR devices. The session will draw on our experience building Wolvic, a multiplatform and open source Web browser for XR.