Martin Sawtell

XR Director, Dell XR Studios, Dell Technologies

Martin leads Dell CSG’s XR Studio work group (DXR), working with stakeholders and customers to explore the intersection of XR technology, Dell’s portfolio, and our mutual users. Before Dell Martin was the co-founder of a VR med tech startup, which used eye-tracking to create new ways of detecting eye disease and neurological conditions. Prior to that he has a decade of experience in feature film Visual Effects, specializing in dynamics simulation and rendering for films such as Star Wars and Ready Player One at Lucasfilm.


Main Stage:

Day 1 (August 30), 2:55 PM-3:20 PM

Performing in the Metaverse; moving from physical gigs to virtual clubs. How, Who and Why?

We know of the big Metaverse music events, but have you heard about the grass roots club scenes popping up in open Metaverses like VRchat? Martin began his 3d career doing live visuals for artists like Aphex Twin and Pendulum- but now it’s possible to bring that experience back in live, virtual and organic VR events where you might find up to 100 people dancing in full body tracking every week, in multiple instances! Martin will cover the combinations of hardware & tools for participating, as well as the types of worlds and behaviours that are unlocked when full creativity is given to a vibrant subculture of users.

Let’s take a brief break from Work to talk about why we come together in these spaces and the peculiar quirks that reveal a little more of what our virtual future looks like.