• AWE Asia 2020 Recap

    SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 15th and 16th, 2020, the Augmented World Expo (AWE) hosted its 6th annual Asia-Pacific Conference in Shenzhen with 46 speakers, about 700 in person participants, 20 exhibitors, and over 60,000 live stream viewers. One of the only XR trade shows to happen offline since the pandemic, AWE Asia had 35 of its 46 speakers present in person.


    The event offered a glimpse of what pandemic-era conferences might look like, with most participants wearing masks and exhibitors working to sanitize demos after each use. The conference covered key themes including the uneven effects of the pandemic on XR, which drove more consumer interest in XR but created supply chain problems. Many talks explored how increased remote working has accelerated the enterprise adoption of XR in architecture, planning, HR training, logistics, and maintenance. Hardware company Shadow Creator's CEO Victor Sun noted that "The MR products developed by Shadow Creator have entered hundreds of schools in China since the start of COVID-19, and MR holographic classrooms and innovative laboratories have spread all over the country." Chongqing Mengshen Technology announced the product launch of the Stream of Consciousness XR Armor.


    AWE Asia hosts the annual Auggie Awards, where the best players in the XR industry are commended for their contributions to the field:

    • JIMO Glasses by Shadow Creator won Best Hardware, with hardware honorable mentions to GLOW Plus Glasses by MAD Gaze, and Stream of Consciousness VR system by Chongqing Mengshen Technology.
    • Vuforia by PTC won Best Software, with software honorable mentions to Immersal SDK by Immersal and Eye Tracking Solution by 7invensun.
    • The Stream Of Consciousness VR System by Chongqing Mengshen Technology won Best Innovation, with honorable mentions going to MAD Gaze Watch and AR Interaction Bracelet by Pacific Future Technology.

    Notable speakers and quotes at AWE ASIA included:

    • Victor Sun, CEO of Shadow Creator, who discussed the difficulty and promise of transitioning to user-computer interaction with voice, handle devices, and gestures. He also announced an official collaboration between Shadow Creator and Qualcomm to launch a consumer-grade MR glasses product called "Honghu" with an estimated production capacity of 100,000 by 2021.
    • Yezhi Sun of MAD Gaze outlined novel applications of the new MAD Gaze Plus Glasses, including navigation, security, radiology, retail, engineering, and personal entertainment; he also demonstrated the hand-movement based operation of the new MAD Gaze Watch.
    • Alvin Wang Graylin, China President of HTC, discussed pandemic-era acceleration towards XR technology and presented an HTC survey with 65% of respondents reporting using XR more and 90% saying XR tech helps them focus more at work.
    • Gabriel Guo, QUALCOMM China XR Business Manager, who predicted the existence of nearly 30 billion 5G connections that will lay the foundation for the XR world by 2025.
    • Other notable speakers included Charlie Fink, Author of "Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences and the Future of Work," Ori Inbar, co-founder of AWE Asia and Super Ventures, and Gavin Newton-Tanzer, President of Sunrise International, the event producer of AWE ASIA.

    About: AWE was founded in 2010 to spread awareness of the potential that XR technology has to offer the world. AWE Asia was locally organized by Sunrise International, cross-border consultancy.

    Photos and Video Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1tYOLsHEKvfJVY44-VIFcQhnrWxJhrxPN

  • AWE Asia 2020 Program

  • AWE Asia 2020 Speakers

    Ori Inbar

    AWE and Super Ventures, Co-Founder

    Ori Inbar is the Co-Founder and CEO of AugmentedReality.org, a global non-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing augmented reality (AR), and the producer of Augmented World Expo – the world’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the AR industry. Ori is a recognized speaker in the AR industry as well as a sought after adviser for augmented reality initiatives.

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer​

    AWE Asia & Sunrise International​, President

    Gavin is co-founder and president of Sunrise International, producers of AWE Asia. Sunrise offers the very best in experiential events, education, and media to tens of thousands of youth and professionals worldwide, as well as provides full cross border localization and marketing support for hundreds of organizations seeking to better engage the Chinese market.

    Ryan Hu​

    AWE Asia, Executive Director

    Ryan Hu​ is the Executive Director of AWE ASIA. He has organized numerous international summits, expos, and conferences; he specializes in the domestic planning and management of large-scale, overseas events series. He graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music as a dual major in performance and music therapy. Mr. Hu is a national second-level psychological counselor and previously served as the deputy general manager of the health e-commerce center at Ciming Health Examination Group.

    Victor Sun

    Shadow Creator, CEO

    Victor Sun, Founder and President of Shadow Creator Technology Group, Postdoctoral Supervisor, Deputy Director of Fudan-Infrared Optical Chip Joint Research Center, Top 10 Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs in Pudong New Area, Entrepreneur Mentor of Taiku Incubator, Mentor of Microsoft Kung Fu Incubator, Dean of Shadow Creator research institute, Angel investor.

    Alvin Wang Graylin

    HTC, China President

    Mr. Graylin is the China President at HTC, leading all aspects of the Vive/VR and the Smartphone businesses in the region. He is also currently Vice-Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance with 300+ company members, President of the $18B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance and oversees the Vive X VR Accelerators in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tel Aviv.

    Leo Qin

    PTC China, Technical Sales Director

    Mr. Qin is the Technical Sales Director of PTC China, in China, he leads the pre-sales technical team to provide customers with digital and IT strategy, planning, consulting and technical services. He is also President of the PTC China Technology Ecosystem Alliance. Mr. Qin has 10 years of experience in CAD/ PLM/ ALM/ IoT/ AR software applications. Involved in the IT planning, consulting and implementation of large enterprises in several industries.

    Yu Yuan​

    IEEE, Chair of IEEE VR/AR Standards Committee

    Dr. Yu Yuan is a visionary researcher, inventor, and entrepreneur in the areas of Consumer Technology, Transportation, Internet of Things, and Digital Transformation. He founded Senses Global Corporation, a multinational technology company specializing in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Human Augmentation.

    Zhiying Zhou​

    MXR Corporation Pte, Founder​

    Professor and PhD supervisor of The National University of Singapore, Director of Suzhou Research Institute, Director of the Key Laboratory of Science and Technology and Standards of The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), deputy leader of the STANDARD drafting group of AR publications industry. Professor Zhou is also the founder of Suzhou MXR Software Technology Co., Ltd.,

    Eric Huang​​

    RealMax​, CEO

    Dr. Huang Jian is the current CEO of RealMax. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in the United States and went on to important roles at several top multinational companies before joining RealMax. He has been selected as the council member of China Next Generation Internet Union and the Specially Recruited Experts in the 10th Thousand Talents Plan, and continues to inspire others as an adjunct professor in Xiamen University. He has published a number of academic papers in many influential international conferences and journals such as HPCA and IEEE Transactions on Computers, and obtained multiple patents in China and the United States.

    Jordan Zheng

    MAD Gaze, Founder & CEO

    Jordan is recognized as the “Father of Smart Glass in Hong Kong” and “IT Rising Star”. MAD Gaze is committed to building the world's top 10 smart eyewear brands and ecosystems and has become a global player for only a few years. Its products have been exported to more than 40 countries and received worldwide acclaim.

    Tom Emrich​

    8th Wall, VP of Product

    ​Tom is recognized as one of the world’s leading thought leaders in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) & wearable technology. A pioneer in this space, Tom has over a decade-long track record of running tech teams and providing strategic direction in emerging technologies for powerhouse brands and organizations. As VP of Product at 8th Wall, Tom is leading the strategy and development of powerful tools used by developers to create reality content including augmented reality for the browser.

    Charlie Fink

    XR Consultant, Author, Columnist

    Adjunct Faculty, Chapman University

    Charlie Fink is an XR Consultant, Forbes Columnist, and the Author of Remote Collaboration, Virtual Conferences and the Future of Work (2020), and the AR-enabled Convergence (2019) and Charlie Fink's Metaverse (2017). In the early 90s, Fink was EVP & COO of VR pioneer Virtual World Entertainment. Previously, he was a VP of Disney Feature Animation Story Development (85-92), SVP & CCO of AOL Studios (‘95-’99), and President of AG.com and Blue Mountain ('00-'05). He teaches XR at Chapman University Film School in Orange, CA. ​

    Li Yingchao

    Baidu AR Department, Director

    Li Yingchao graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a Doctor degree. He is committed to promoting the development and application innovation of visual positioning technology, including multimedia cloud services, visual search and augmented reality. As an important part of Baidu AI, Dumix AR platform is committed to providing leading AR technology and solutions.

    Leon Feng

    Chongqing MENGSHEN Technology, Founder & CEO

    A serial entrepreneur, a super product manager, and the founder of "potential energy interaction VR System". At the same time, he is good at full-process CG technology and industrial product design. He has more than 10 years of experience in 3D animation and post-production special effects of films. I am good at mechanical and product function design. I independently designed and manufactured the first generation of "potential energy reaction chamber" human-computer interaction system. Has more than 40 related patents.

    Gabriel Guo

    Qualcomm, VR/AR China Business Director

    Gabriel Guo gained his bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University. With over 10-year working experience in the industry, he plays a vital role in releasing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon products to the XR market with remarkable success, leading in partner cooperation and win-win in XR industrial chain.

    Kien Lee​

    Pacific Future Technology ​, Founder & CEO

    Kien Lee graduated from the University of Queensland and led many multinational hi-tech projects at university. Kien has also studied in Malaysia and Canada. With a broad range of experience in hi-tech products and international resource integration, Kien has led the research and development of various AR glasses. His company, Pacific Future, has taken the lead in applying AR glasses to the fields of travel and culture on a global scale and has broken records in the application of AR glasses in day-to-day life many times.

    Anttoni Vesterinen​

    Immersal, CEO

    Anttoni Vesterinen is a veteran in the Streaming Media and Augmented Reality technologies. He is CEO and co-founder of Immersal the leading AR-mapping and -localisation technology provider. Vesterinen has led several high tech companies and can easily turn complex customer requirements to successful consumer solutions.

    Pekka Laiho​

    Immersal, Associate

    Pekka Laiho has been living in China since 2012. Last five years he has been actively working with AR/VR hardware and software development and test automation. Currently he is board member of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and South China. He also holds General Manager, APAC position in Finnish optical metrology and robotics company, OptoFidelity, and also represents Immersal in Mainland China market.

    Bo Li​

    RealWear​, Co-Founder & CEO

    Bo Li, Co-founder and CEO of RealWear Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. PhD, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University. Former 3M Greater China, Chief Strategy Officer. Innovative and insightful leader with global leadership experiences in technology development, product development commercialization and market.

    Jessie Wang

    Shenzhen Virtual Reality Technology, Founder & CEO

    Jessie Wang, a senior practitioner of virtual reality industry in China, led the first batch of Chinese virtual reality business team to create a number of VR industry applications, and launched the first Asian, the world's second mass-produced virtual reality helmet, VR development kit SDK, the first VR experience store business model.

    Jenn Xu

    Shenzhen REALIS Multimedia Technology, CEO

    During 10 years of working in the industry of VFX in Japan, Mms Kyo participated in game developments and led some major commercial VR projects including VR attraction development in Universal Studio Japan and VR contents development for Sony PSVR. With rich oversea experience, Mms Kyo has founded Shenzhen REALIS Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd in 2015. Devoted to optical motion capture technology and multi-player interactive system in real time, Realis has developed independently RTS (Realis Tracking system) that allows whole-body motion capture has made a breakthrough in visual experience in VR industry.


    Shadow Creator, Vice Chairman

    Hu Jinxin, Vice Chairman of Shadow Creator. He has been engaged in market development, operation and management in China mobile Henan Branch, Henan Xingye Group and other large enterprises, and has rich experience and social resources in marketing, planning and media public relations. Currently, he is responsible for managing the company's daily operations and marketing planning.

    Xie Feng​

    Wuxi Bitellgene Medical Tech, Chairman

    Xie Feng, president of Wuxi Bitellgene Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and head of the Medical branch of Heilongjiang Virtual Reality Association. I have 25 years' experience in software development and 15 years' experience in the medical system industry. I have founded 7 technology companies and I have 16 years' experience in enterprise management, product research and marketing development. I am committed to breaking through all technical barriers , integrating into the medical field, and creating a brand new medical ecology.

    Xiang Chuanyi

    Chestnut Technology​, Chairman

    President of Guangzhou Xiaolizi Technology Co., Ltd., Executive Vice President of Guangdong Sichuan Chamber of Commerce and President of Science and Technology Branch. Engaged in the commercial animation and game industry for 15 years, he has been at the forefront of industry innovation and understands the development trend of VR and AR industries.

    Richard Lu​

    7invensun Science &Technology, Consumer Eye-Tracking BU General Manager​

    Focus on VR/AR field, has many years study in the field of VR/AR eye-tracking. Consumer Eye-Tracking BU General Manager in 7invensun which focus on eye-tracking technology. Responsible for VR/AR eye-tracking solutions and products. Has led to launch the world's first VR eye-tracking add-on product aGlass (the latest version of the brand change for Droolon). Cooperating with HTC, Pico, iQIYI, Pimax, Shadow Creator and other VR/AR head enterprises and launched many eye-tracking products

    Menghua Zhang

    Artizan Photonic Crystal (Shandong) Display Technology, R&D Director

    Menghua Zhang, R&D director of Artizan photonic crystal (Shandong) Display Technology Co., Ltd., engaged in the field of optical design, information optical materials and holographic optical device preparation for nearly 10 years. He is responsible for the R&D of high-performance holographic recording materials, holographic diffraction waveguide design and preparation.

    Michael Zhang​

    ARinChina Founder​

    Michael Zhang graduated from Northwestern University with a master's degree; Member of technical Professional Committee of Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Innovation Alliance of Ministry of Education, director of Engineering Research Center of Xi 'an Mixed Reality Shooting System; Invited AR experts from Korea GCA.

    Yiming Niu​

    Zenit AR, CIO

    Yiming Niu has been involved in the AR industry since 2010. He is now working as CIO of Zenit AR, a AR company dedicated in XR enterprise solutions with PHM tools. He worked as the director of China Augmented Reality Alliance (ARA) Secretariat and CTO of GallantAR. As an expert in VR/AR industry, he has presented talks at major conferences such as AWE Asia, TFC, TED.

    Bob Su​

    0glasses, Founder & CEO

    Bob Su, founder and CEO of 0glasses, senior practitioner in augmented reality (AR) industry of China, devoted in AR/VR/MR industry for over 15 years, owning over 20 patents; he led the earliest AR commercialization team to finish over 100 AR application cases; launched China’s first (or second one globally) mass-production sunglass all-in-one AR glasses (0glasses Pro) and the world’s lightest split MR glasses (RealX Air) and developed the developer platform.

    Yu Lei ​

    OppenFuture Technologies, Founder​

    Yu Lei is the founder of OppenFuture Technologies, which started from the research of computer vision and computer graphics in spatial augmented reality. Prior to his startup experience, he received his PhD degree in Applied Physics from Harvard University, where he focused his research in the applications of nanomaterials in energy. He previously worked at Accenture consulting based in San Francisco after he graduated from University of California, Berkeley as an undergraduate.

    Nikk Mitchell

    FXG VR, CEO & Founder

    Nikk is a software project manager, developer, and filmmaker who has lived in China for over a decade. Over the last five years, he has focused his career on creating experiences in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry. Nikk has built a name for himself in VR through the launch of the first VR community website in China(purchased by facebook in 2014) and VR content creation for a diverse group of clients.

    Steven Zhang

    Kivisense, Founder

    Steven Zhang, pioneer of the WebAR & WeChat-MP AR, who has been focused on the AR/CV algorithm technology for more than 7 years. With the dream that AR can make mankind a better future, Steven is not only an expert on AR authoring platform, but a strategical and analytical mind, who helps the brands integrated AR with their business. More efficient to create, easier to engage, better conversion sales rate. He has been the director of many million-budget AR projects in these years.

    Yu Zheng ​

    Lingxi AR Technology, CEO

    A scientist, entrepreneur, and paranoid to technology, Zheng Yu is the Founder and CEO of Lingxi AR, which is a venture-backed tech startup focusing on AR display technology. ZHENG has in-depth knowledge and practical experience in AR optics system, AR industrial chains, and bottlenecks to AR development. He founded Lingxi AR in 2014, and the company has become the first developer of waveguide technology, Nanometer Gratings, and Light Field Technology in China. ZHENG holds degree from Peking University, and worked as researcher in the PKU Quantum Optics Laboratory before founding Lingxi AR.

    Tony Chia​

    Nibiru, Co-Founder​

    Deputy director of new technology research and application center of China Energy think tank, China Energy Research Association, AR VR expert in Enterprise applications, has rich business development and marketing experience in aerospace, and energy fields. He has led the first compressor condition monitoring and maintenance project in the coal chemical industry that reached 10 million revenue. Johnny is committed to rapidly apply the cross fields technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Prognostics Health Management to national defense, manufacturing and engineering education fields.

    Johnny Zhang ​

    Zenit. AR, CMO

    Deputy director of new technology research and application center of China Energy think tank, China Energy Research Association, AR VR expert in Enterprise applications, has rich business development and marketing experience in aerospace, and energy fields. He has led the first compressor condition monitoring and maintenance project in the coal chemical industry that reached 10 million revenue. Johnny is committed to rapidly apply the cross fields technologies of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Prognostics Health Management to national defense, manufacturing and engineering education fields.

    Henry Xia​

    Morle Technology, Founder & CTO​

    Founder and CTO of Morle Technology. He has been engaged in the 3D lightweight model,mesh topology and other related technologies research for many years. Leading the domestic and foreign teams developed Laozi cloud which is the automatic 3D lightweight model cloud engine.

    Julia Garcia Gonzalez

    Mookan​, Co-Founder & Managing Director ​

    As a M. Architect from Spain with over 10 years in China, Julia has a solid background in Design and Project Management. She has developed project from start to end and knows the details of the process. As co-founder of MOØKAN she focus on business development and strategy planning.

    Guillermo Gago Doreste​

    Mookan, Co-Founder & CEO

    Master Architect from Spain, an expert on graphic visualization. Guillermo has been involved in many technology projects, and worked as a project manager and design director in China since 2011, devoting himself to Architecture and Virtual Reality. As a Co-founder, he has been developing MOØKAN as a Real Time 3D and Virtual Experience company for architecture and interior design during the last 4 years.

  • AWE Asia 2020 Online Speakers

    Harald Wuest​

    Visometry GmbH, Founder & CEO

    Dr. Harald Wuest is CEO and founder of the computer-vision focused startup Visometry, and a computer vision expert. He is not only a technical specialist, but a strategical and analytical mind. Proud to be one of the co-creators of core vision algorithms, including model tracking, Harald is leading the team that creates VisionLib, an Augmented Reality tracking library for industries. Before Visometry, he was leading the development of the computer vision and tracking activities at Fraunhofer IGD. He participated in every tracking contest of VW and ISMAR conference, where he could lead his team to win the first prize several times.

    Arka Bala

    ContextGrid, Founder & CEO

    Arka Bala, Founder & CEO/CTO of ContextGrid which is working on AR CLoud Components. He has created 2 other startups and a Big Data consultancy with clients like Expedia and Spotify. He has deep skills in AR, AI and data science engineering. Arka is one of the Founding Governing Board Members of OpenARCloud.org that is setting standards for the spatial web like the W3C/ICANN.

    Gregory Bergida​

    Northwestern University, Director of Planning, Assessment, and Strategy

    Dr. Bergida launched the Media Innovation Lab at NU-Q in 2018 where the focus is on VR and AR in media and storytelling. The lab has brought in entrepreneurs in the VR and gaming space, as well as partnered for training and lectures from media outlets including Time Inc and Al Jazeera.

    Dana Porter

    Inception XR, Co-Founder & CMO

    Dana Porter is the co-founder and CMO of leading next-generation immersive content network Inception, creators of the Bookful app. A marketing executive and NYU MBA with over 15 years of experience, Dana led Business Strategy, Marketing and Planning for the Microsoft Israel R&D Centre and was Head of Amdocs Global Marketing. She was selected as one of the top 40 under 40 by Calcalist and was awarded the Alumni Achievement Award from BGU recognizing her achievements and contributions to society.

    Leo He

    OVA, VP Asia

    Dr. Laichen He is the VP of OVA for the Asia market. He was the speaker at MWC in 2018 and 2019. He is also a PhD in STS which mainly research on the Innovation and Competitive Advantage. Based in Montreal, Canada, OVA is a XR development company which went to China as ViveX team. In 2019, we join the TusStar in Shenzhen and won the China-US maker competition in Shenzhen.

    Mauro Rubin ​

    JoinPad, CEO & Founder

    Mauro Rubin was born in 1980. From 1998 to 2001 he taught skydiving in the Italian Army and he approached for the first time to the VR simulator for paratroopers. In 2010 he founded JoinPad, one of the most advanced Augmented Reality company among the scene focused on the industrial sector. In 2011 he presented the first AR wearable solution for the maintenance field for the first time in the world. Now is working as CEO in JoinPad and AR Startup Mentor at Anthill Ventures.

    Takeshi Maemoto​


    Takeshi Maemoto, CEO of the company named ENDROLL who is focusing on MR Gaming experience for mobile & MRGlass(ML1, nreal) After he grew VR startups from the members of 5 people to more than 50 in 1.5year as a business manager, he established this company. Now ENDROLL has a function of the organizer of AWE Nite in Tokyo and evangelist of nreal as well.

    Xueni Pan

    Lecturer in VR in Virtual Reality, Goldsmiths, University of London.

    Dr Xueni Pan is a Lecturer in VR in Virtual Reality, Goldsmiths, University of London. She has a BEng in Computer Science, Beihang University, an MSc in Graphics and PhD in Virtual Reality from UCL (funded by the EPSRC). She developed a unique interdisciplinary research profile with journal and conference publications in both VR technology and social neuroscience. Her Coursera Virtual Reality specialisation attracted over 40,000 registered learners globally. She has been recently awarded an AHRC grant to develop UK-China partnership in the creative industry.

  • AWE Asia 2020 Auggie Awards Winners

  • AWE Asia 2020 Online Speeches

    Due to COVID-19, some overseas speakers were unable to attend the event in person.
    Overseas speakers can choose to participate in this exhibition by online speech!

    Harald Wuest

    Visometry GmbH Founder & CEO

    Empowering Industrial AR with VisionLib - Model Tracking and Advanced Computer Vision for Enterprise Augmented Reality

    Arka Bala

    ContextGrid, Inc Founder & CEO

    The Open AR Cloud Registry and Browser

    Dana Porter

    Inception XR Co-Founder & CMO

    Learning with AR: the new reality in education

  • Gregory Bergida

    Northwestern University Strategy and Planning Executive

    Media Innovation Labs: Immersive Media in Higher Education

    Leo He

    OVA VP Asia

    How the XR Content Creation Tool for non-professional help the education and training

    Mauro Rubin

    JoinPad CEO & Founder

    Beyond human skills: augmenting workers’ potential in the Smart Factory

  • Takeshi Maemoto


    The scope of the AR gaming Market in Japan as a content power.

    Sylvia Pan

    Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London

    Social interaction in VR: Why and How?


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