Brian McClendon

Senior VP of Engineering, Niantic

Brian McClendon leads ARGeo at Niantic, which includes AR, mapping, research and webAR (8th Wall). He was part of the founding team at Keyhole, which would become Google Earth. Bam led the Geo team at Google that built Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View, before leading engineering at Uber.


Main Stage:

Day 1 (August 30), 11:00 AM-11:25 AM

Niantic is powering “AR, Everywhere, All at Once"

Niantic’s mission is to inspire people to explore the world together. With the Niantic Lightship platform for developing mobile applications and the 8th Wall platform for WebAR, Niantic is powering AR experiences everywhere. With base maps to orient people in the real world, and 3D maps to anchor digital content (Lightship VPS) to hundreds of thousands of locations around the world, Niantic offers a rich and wide range of location AR and visual AR games and experiences to be enjoyed in the real world. New tools for Shared AR make it possible for many players to share experiences simultaneously, and extend beyond mobile phones to mixed reality headsets and emerging new AR and MR devices.