Angelik Laboy

Developer Advocate, Dolby Laboratories

Angelik Laboy Torres has been programming since she had knowledge of what it was. Whether it was creating wearable technologies to detect stress levels or a non-invasive method to detect types of diabetes, Laboy found intrigue in discovering how to think outside the box. For these, she has been recognized with many allocates such as Intel Excellence in Computer Science, National Award Winner with NCWIT Aspirations in Computing, Yale Science & Engineering Association, Air Force, and the Organization of American States.

Simultaneously, a side of her was compelled in partaking in the creation of stories and their influence in shaping culture. Through directing creative projects in both live-action and XR, Laboy has showcased her talents across distinct film festivals, including Cannes Film Festival. Now at Dolby Laboratories, Angelik has found both sides merging as a Developer Advocate for the award-winning as they keep pushing the boundaries on high-quality media solutions.


Sub Stage 2:

Day 1 (August 30), 12:00 PM-12:25 PM

Beyond Loudness: Spatial Chat and The Future of Virtual World Communication

The technology of virtual worlds is constantly evolving, and one of the most significant changes has been the rise of spatial chat allowing participants to communicate in a three-dimensional virtual space. But spatial chat is more than just a tool for enhancing immersion. In this talk, we will explore how spatial chat is changing the way participants communicate and collaborate. We will discuss the benefits and future innovation in this area.