Toshihiro Ohnuma

Partnerships, Geo - Google Maps, Google

Toshi leads the business development of Google Maps for the next generation of consumer experiences, including augmented reality, digital twins, and geospatial initiatives. In the AR area, Toshi drives new product expansions including Indoor Live View with VPS for intuitive urban mobility, and immersive urban discovery with 3D modeling. To deliver digital representations of the real world and enhance the geospatial ecosystem, he is working on collaborations with industry partners and smart city initiatives with governments.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 3:35 PM-4:00 PM

Connecting Both Worlds - Google Maps and AR Core

This session will introduce the evolution of Google Maps and geospatial efforts of Google AR Core as it contributes to the real society and AR community. We first examine how Google builds immersive experiences to represent the real world and the AR capabilities in Google Maps for urban mobility. Second, we explore how Google makes the geospatial technologies widely available to developers and creators, and makes the seamless AR experiences accessible everywhere around the world.