Roman Axelrod

Founder, XPANCEO

Roman Axelrod is a serial tech entrepreneur with three successful exits totaling $5B+ who developed businesses in computer vision, cybersports, and fintech in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Founder of XPANCEO, leading revolutionary smart lens development with a world-class team in physics and nanophotonics.


Main Stage:

Day 2 (August 31), 11:30 AM-11:55 AM

How Smart Contact Lenses Will Make Transactions as Secure and Comfortable as Ever

The more technologies appear, the more convenient life becomes, but at the same time, the more vulnerable our personal data becomes. This problem can be solved by XR smart contact lenses, which are not just a device, but a reliable biometric signature that cannot be forged. The discovery of new 2D materials has made it possible to create a lightweight, convenient, and secure gadget that will completely change our perception of transactions.