Siti Hamimah

Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic

Siti in a nutshell is a childhood gamer and tech enthusiast who had honed her expertise in human anatomy, physiology and pathology. She currently teaches modules like Anatomy and Physiology and Diagnostic pathology. As a science educator, she now has a newfound objective to bring life to her teaching using EdTech - because she believes learning must be fun, engaging and memorable.


Sub Stage 2:

Day 2 (August 31), 10:20 AM-10:45 AM

Augmenting Anatomy: Revolutionizing Medical Education with Head-Mounted AR Devices

We share our journey of augmenting the delivery of anatomy lessons using head-mounted AR devices to overcome existing challenges such as access to real human organs and static 3D models that limit visualization of human physiology and body systems. We hope to share our best practices and challenges faced while creating a highly relevant and customized learning experience for our students, so that other learners can also benefit from this technological affordance.