• Substage Highlights

  • The New Landscape of RTE+XR:

    How RTE Empower the XR Ecosystem

    (Sponsered by Shengwang)

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    Real Time Engagement is changing our world and reshaping our new way of interacting with the world. It is gradually playing a key role in the next-generation innovation of the Internet with the rise of the metaverse concept, helping the metaverse to achieve low-latency reality.


    The forum of “The New Landscape of RTE+XR: How RTE Empower the XR Ecosystem” will be held on the morning of August 26 at the Sub Stage of the AWE Asia 2022 conference. The event will focus on the new ecology and development pain points of RTE+XR, and discuss the new value and application of RTE.


  • Substage Speaker Perks

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    Two-day tickets

    Selected speakers will receive free, two-day tickets for AWE Asia 2022 Shanghai.

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    Invite a friend

    Invite a friend to join this sub-stage session free of charge



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    Exposure & Feedback

    An exclusive display stage, mass-media exposure at home and abroad, and professional advice from some of the biggest names in the industry



    “XR TALK” has no specific presentation format.

    The 10 selected speakers can deliver their presentations through slides, creative video, or product show. However, please note the following:


    · Please finish your presentation within the allotted time

    Each presentation is scheduled to take 12 minutes. If you go beyond that time, you won't get helpful comments from industry guests, and it could interfere with valuable speaking time for other speakers. Because of this, we will be cutting off speakers at the allotted 12 minutes.


    · No marketing or financing information

    "XR TALK" is different from the general investment and financing forum. It is an industry communication stage for independent developers and innovators to convey new ideas and new thoughts. It does not involve any investment or financing. Your speech should not contain any marketing or financing information.


    · Informative and visual presentation supporting materials are recommended

    Visuals are important during a presentation, so we do recommend having a presentation or powerpoint of some type prepared. However, text-heavy slides can make the audience lose attention. The best presentations usually consist of a few videos and photos to help you emphasize your point, show your content more clearly, and keep the audience excited and engaged.


    Just like you, we want your presentation to be as engaging as possible! We are happy to support the speaker with professional knowledge, equipment, and stage effects. If you have any ideas, suggestions or needs, please feel free to contact us.


    (Sponsered by Supersonic)

    Looking for the XR industry's next unicorn!

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    Innovation cannot exist without the support of capital. “XR Startup Roadshow” is dedicated to building a direct bridge between start-ups and available capital. Representatives from 8 selected XR startups will present their business plan, listening to guidance from top investors and instantly opening the door for investment opportunities!


    The Supersonic, jointly initiated by Shengwang and 5Y Capital, will participate in AWE Asia 2022 as an “important strategic partner” to jointly promote the exploration, innovation, and development of high-quality XR enterprises


    The top 3 XR startups of the roadshow will be preferentially recommended to the “Supersonic Project” accelerator program in Spring 2023. As such, they will receive opportunities of close communication with industry experts, the entrepreneurial community, and 50+ partners, including one-on-one mentorship with top VCs, as well as direct access to Google, Microsoft and AWS entrepreneurial plans.

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    Win awards from Agora, 5Y Capital, GGV, Chaoyang District, and Yangpu District. The top three will have the opportunity to receive multi-million dollar investments from 5Y capital.


    Connect with 8+ leading VCs, government incubations etc.




    Get all-channel exposure at RTE conference.



    Promote on Agora Cloud market 3.0

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