• AWE Asia 2023 Content Track

  • XR Enablement


    A comprehensive look at the technologies that are enabling the spatial computing ecosystem to mature. Topics will include: AR cloud, 5G, generative AI, computer vision, SLAM, motion capture, display technology, semi-conductors, optics, audio, and projection mapping.

    Developer, Platforms & AI


    Featuring the work of developers across different platforms, highlighting the use cases, capabilities and shortcomings of today’s SDKs, as well as tutorials on the best platforms for building XR applications and virtual worlds. Also examines artificial intelligence, including generative AI, in XR, avatars, virtual beings, holograms, and the current and future generations of digitally-created “humans”.

    Enterprise & Industrial


    Featuring case studies of the different XR applications being used across all industry verticals to help improve safety, security, training, efficiency, reduce errors, and increase the bottom-line.

    Healthcare, Wellness & Society


    Demonstrating the myriad ways XR is being used to improve physical and mental health and wellness. Also adopts a broader focus on the topic of XR impact on society as well as how we can use XR for good.

    Retail, Advertising & E-Commerce


    Exploring the ways brands are leveraging XR and AI-enabled virtual beings for increased engagement, sales, and personalization in both E-commerce and brick-and-mortar operations.

    Gaming, Entertainment & Media


    Showcasing how next-gen gaming, film and television, sports, and location-based attractions are leveraging XR in both the digital and physical domains.

    Web3, Creators, & Creator Economy


    Examining use cases, best practices, UX design considerations, and the ways creators can monetize their content. Exploring topics such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, digital ownership and token-based economics related to the Metaverse - the new iteration of the World Wide Web.

    Collaboration, Education & Training


    Showcasing the ways businesses and educational institutions are deploying XR to improve training, education, and meetings for employees and students.

    Start-ups & Investors


    Helping XR entrepreneurs get to the next level with pitching opportunities, mentoring from investors and advice on best practices and legal topics.