• AWE Nite Shanghai



    PLANET ONE, Shanghai
  • AWE Nites are a place for developers, creators, investors, founders, academics, corporate decision makers and curious folk to come together locally (or online) on an ongoing basis to help advance the augmented reality (AR) ecosystem.
    We are delighted to announce that AWE Nites are coming to Shanghai, China for the first time! Calling all XR enthusiasts to meet world experts and industry pioneers, break through the constraints of time and space, 
    and experience the hottest futuristic technology this summer.
    Join us June 10th, when we’ll discuss the current state of the XR Market across the globe!
  • Highlights

    • Meet and learn from top domestic XR industry leaders and practitioners in person.

    • Witness firsthand the clash of ideas between top overseas XR guests and domestic elites, and have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with guest speakers in the global live broadcast.

    • Whether you are a practitioner seeking business partnerships or a non-practitioner seeking to learn more, gain knowledge and networking opportunities with experts in every aspect of the XR field.

    • Experience the debut of the most-anticipated AR/VR experience pavilion in China, witnessing the coolest XR devices and deepening your understanding of future technology development through immersive multi-screen interaction.

    • Enjoy the night view from our beautiful venue in the Bund over cocktails and riveting conversation with industry elites.

  • Webinar Recording

  • Panelists

    Tony Parisi

    Head of Global AR/VR Ad Innovation

    Erik Murphy-Chutorian

    Founder & CEO

    8th Wall

    Nick Cherukuri


    ThirdEye Gen

    Cathy Hackl

    Futurist & Author

    The Augmented Workforce

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer


    AWE Asia

  • On-site Speakers


    Kien Lee​

    Founder & CEO

    Pacific Future Technology ​

    Yingchao Li


    Augmented Reality Technology Department of Baidu

    Steven Zhang


    Kivisense Technology

    Ryan Hu​

    Executive Director

    AWE Asia

    Michael Zhang​

    Founder & CEO


    Effie Li ​

    Partner, Innovation Investment

    ams OSRAM

    Matt Duanmu

    Secretary General of VAIA from Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association

    Eric Oetting

    Founder & CEO

    Planet O

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