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    For large enterprises and business end users looking to explore the use of XR, apply for your complimentary pass for AWE Asia 2024

  • The use of XR is exploding across a range of industries, including: enterprise, automotive, marketing, education, healthcare, defense, manufacturing, retail, logistics, and others. Solutions such as remote assistance, AR data visualization and work instruction, virtual try-on for e-commerce, branded AR campaigns, immersive training, virtual collaboration, and many more are redefining how these industries operate.

    Companies utilizing XR are now seeing massive ROI and huge benefits to using the technology.

    The best way to see XR in action, learn about proven use cases and get hands-on with the latest gear is to attend one of our global events. AWE Asia enables you to identify relevant use cases for your business, evaluate hardware and solutions providers, and get started with your implementation of VR/AR/MR technology.

    One of AWE’s missions has always been to help drive the growth of the XR industry, and as a large organization and potential end-user of XR technology, you may be eligible for complimentary/heavily discounted passes to attend this year’s conference in Singapore on August 26-28, 2024.