• AWE Asia 2021 Main Stage Speeches

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    Uncovering the Next Decade of the Metaverse

    Victor Sun

    Shadow Creator, Founder & CEO

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    Moving from Mobile to the Metaverse

    Alvin Wang Graylin

    HTC China President

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    XR: the Next-Gen Mobile Computer Platform

    Gabriel Guo

    Qualcomm Head of XR, Qualcomm China

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    AI+AR, to Shape the New Experience of AR Application Intelligence

    Yingchao Li

    The director of Augmented Reality Technology Department of Baidu

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    SenseMARS Introduction & Customer Cases

    Yufei Li

    SenseTime, Product Director

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    VR/AR Technology Outlook: Gaps and Needs Revealed Amid the Pandemic

    Yu Yuan(Online) / Ralf Ma

    IEEE VR/AR Standards Committee, IEEE Chair

    Chair of Membership IEEE Association for Ditigal Transfomation

  • AWE Asia 2021 Sub-Stage Speeches

    XR TALK——Make it Real

    John Zhang

    Jingteng Information Technology Co., Ltd


    XR TALK——Design the Ark to the Metaverse

    Gavin Ma

    Foso Tech


    New Product Launch——Shadow Creator

    Victor Sun

    Shadow Creator


    XR Startup Roadshow——Beijing Lingxi AR Technology Co., Ltd.

    Stevin Chen

    Beijing Lingxi AR Technology


  • AWE Asia 2021 Online Speeches

    ​How Computer-Generated Holography Solves Key Challenges in AR Displays

    Darran Milne​



    Render It Real - Computational Imaging to Enable a Breakthrough in Achieving Better Visual Experience in VR Displays

    Eugene Panich



    Enterprise Team AR Guidance for The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Robert Hoffmeister

    Goodly Innovations


    Scalable Asset Pipelines for 3D Commerce

    Max Limper

    Darmstadt Graphics Group


    The Ship of The Dead - A Kate Mosse Augmented 3D Story Book

    Lou Doye

    QXR Studios

    Executive Producer & Artistic Director

    Bring History and Futures to Life with Augmented Reality

    Damien McDuffie

    Black Terminus AR

    Founder & Creative Director

    Breaking The 4th Wall - VR Theatre & Finding Pandora X

    Kiira Benzing

    Double Eye Studios

    Executive Creative Director

    The Immersive Web and A New Era of Opportunity

    Ben Erwin

    The Polys - WebXR Awards


    A Web of Perception & Shared Context

    Tish Shute​

    Futurewei Technologies

    Director AR/VR

    The High Efficacy of Applied VR Healthcare Applications for Improving Patient Mental Health

    Jessica Stone

    Virtual Sandtray


    The Digital Fashion Revolution - From Design to E-Commerce to The Metaverse and Beyond

    Ashley Crowder


    CEO, Co-Founder

    How Digital Human Holograms Will Change The Way We Interact

    Vivian Chan

    NexTech AR Solutions

    Global Head of Digital Sales

    Visualizing Business

    Mike Pell​



    Ethnographic Storytelling in XR

    Parul Wadhwa


    Creative Director

    The World's Best Controller: Your Hand

    Joe Michaels


    Chief Revenue Officer

    Immersive Reality in Healthcare - Shaping the UK Future Strategy

    Ross O’Brien

    National Health Service

    Director, Innovation and Technology

  • AWE Asia 2021 Interviews

    Victor Sun

    Shadow Creator Founder & CEO

    Chunyuan Liao

    Founder & CEO of HiAR

    Weiqi Zhao

    Rokid Director, Product & Engineering

    Leo Qin

    PTC Presales Director

    Leon Feng

    Chongqing MENGSHEN Technology Founder & CEO