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    A free upgrade will be offered to all ticket-holders for additional conference perks!

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    * All tickets are non-refundable and do not include accommodation
    and transportation costs.
    Invitation letters are only provided to VIP ticket holders, should they be needed.
  • Special Benefits for Conference Participants

    Participants can not only take part in all sessions with a single pass,
    but can now also access the industry communication reception, previously open exclusively to VIPs!
    Network with fellow industry professionals and exchange ideas that could further
    both your company and the XR industry as a whole!


    Build effective contacts


    All participants in the AWE Asia 2022 conference can now attend the industry communication reception for free! Surround yourself with industry ideas, build effective contacts, and explore partnership opportunities.


    Opportunities for partnerships and capital


    Industry leaders, well-known investment and financing institutions, industry “dark horses”, and innovators will gather to help participants connect with upstream and downstream industry-chain partners and find capital assistance.


    Break through the boundaries of innovation


    AWE Asia will not only bring together excellent ideas and thinkers from the XR industry, but also practitioners from the medical, industrial, educational, cultural and entertainment industries to exchange industry trends and explore potential new applications for XR.

    * Each participant of the industry networking reception will receive 2 drink vouchers which can be exchanged for wine or beer.

  • Exclusive Benefits for VIP Attendees

    In addition to all the perks enjoyed by regular attendees, VIP attendees will also enjoy the 
    • Two-day Lunch
    • Exclusive Dinner

    As well as

    • Quick Check-In
    • Front Row Seating Area
    • VIP Meeting Room

    bringing your conference experience to the next level!

  • A limited number of Early Bird tickets are on sale now!


    AWE Asia 2022 invites you

    to explore the new direction of the XR industry together!

    Ticket Notice

    1)AWE Asia uses an ID-based ticket booking system, and attendees must present a valid ID for admission.
    2)Please fill in your information fully, accurately, and completely, as this information will be used to produce your event name tag.
    3)If you want to purchase more than one ticket, please fill out separate ticket information for fellow attendees. Each form is limited to one ticket.


    4)Invitation letters are only provided to VIP ticket holders, should they be needed.