• Substage Highlights


    Recruiting 10 XR developers and innovators to join AWE Asia 2021!


    "XR TALK" is a platform for tech developers and outstanding innovators in the XR field to express their ideas and stimulate dialogue on the stage of the world’s biggest XR conference.


    Ten outstanding applicants will be given the opportunity to deliver a twelve-minute speech sharing their creative ideas or concepts, and receive feedback and resources from AWE Asia 2021’s executive-level audience to help them work toward their dreams. All selected speakers will also compete for the final XR TALK King Award.



    • XR TALK Platform: Indies & Innovators Keynote
    • Time: 2PM-5PM on September 27, 2021
    • Venue: AWE Asia 2021 Stage 2
    • Length: 12 minutes (speech) and 3 minutes (judge comments) per speaker


    • Now through August 24: Applicants prepare and submit their application
    • August 25: The organizing committee reviews applications
    • August 26: Releases the list of the ten selected speakers
    • August 10: Selectees submit their final presentation materials to the organizing committee for review
    • September 27: XR TALK!
  • Speaker's rights

     Two-day tickets

    Selected speakers will receive free, two-day tickets for AWE Asia 2021 Chengdu.

    Invite a friend

    Invite a friend to join the “XR TALK” session free of charge
    Exhibition, Exposure, and Comments
    Obtain an exclusive display stage, mass media exposure at home and abroad, and received professional comments from big names in the industry
    XR TALK King Awards
    All selected speakers will have the opportunity to compete for the final XR TALK King Award
  • What we expect from the speakers


    “XR TALK” has no specific presentation format.

    The 10 selected speakers can deliver their presentations through slides, creative video, or product show. However, please note the following:


    · Please finish your presentation within the allotted time

    Each presentation is scheduled to take 12 minutes. If you go beyond that time, you won't get helpful comments from industry guests, and it could interfere with valuable speaking time for future speakers. Because of this, we will be cutting off speakers at the allotted 12 minutes.


    · No marketing or financing information

    "XR TALK" is different from the general investment and financing forum. It is an industry communication stage for independent developers and innovators to convey new ideas and new thoughts. It does not involve any investment or financing. Your speech should not contain any marketing or financing information.


    · Informative and visual presentation supporting materials are recommended

    Visuals are important during a presentation, so we do recommend having a presentation or powerpoint of some type prepared. However, text-heavy slides can make the audience lose attention. The best presentations usually consist of a few videos and photos to help you emphasize your point, show your content more clearly, and keep the audience excited and engaged.


    Just like you, we want your presentation to be as engaging as possible! We are happy to support the speaker with professional knowledge, equipment, and stage effects. If you have any ideas, suggestions or needs, please feel free to contact us.

  • XR Startup Roadshow

    Looking for the XR industry's next unicorn!


    AWE Asia 2021 will be held in Chengdu, China from September 27 to 28, 2021. During this event, our new session "XR Startup Roadshow" will build a direct bridge between startups and available capital, establishing in-depth contact and the opportunity to win favor with investors. 10 outstanding startups will get the chance to publicize their product in a 10-minute speech and 5-minute Q&A with investors.



    • XR Startup Roadshow Platform
    • Time: 1:30PM-4:00PM on September 28, 2021
    • Venue: AWE Asia 2021 Stage 2
    • Length: 10 minutes for project presentation, 5 minutes for investor Q&A


    • August 31: Startup applications due
    • September 1: AWE Asia Organizing Committee reviews all submissions
    • September 2: XR Startup Roadshow 10 finalists announced
    • September 10: Finalists submit their final speech for approval
    • September 28: AWE Asia XR Startup Roadshow commences
  • AWE Asia X Supersonic Project

    AWE Asia has entered into a strategic partnership with Supersonic Project to promote the long-term growth of quality XR enterprises!


    The Supersonic Project is a venture partner camp jointly launched by Agora and 5Y Capital. The aim is to define and expand the trajectory of live XR, help startups working on live XR to accelerate their growth, and establish the top live XR startup community.


    Through the Supersonic Project, Agora will join hands with top investment institutions, technology giants and cloud market partners. It will provide live XR entrepreneurs with courses and venture partner camps, technical support, investment consulting, and other comprehensive resource support. If the project proves to be successful, they plan to begin XR community meetups and competitions to help developers and entrepreneurs produce new work at higher efficiency and lower cost.



    In addition to receiving the Agora gift package, the top 8 of the 20 participants will also have the opportunity to advance to the next round, where they will participate in the RTE STARTUP DAY roadshow, where they have the opportunity to:

  • 01

    Win awards from Agora, 5Y Capital, GGV, Chaoyang District, and Yangpu District. The top three will have the opportunity to receive millions of dollar investment from 5Y capital.


    Connect with 8+ leading VCs, government incubation etc.


    Get all-channel exposure at RTE conference.


    Promote on Agora Cloud market 3.0