AWE ASIA 2021


    The World’s #1 Augmented and Virtual Reality Event Series


    September 27-28, 2021

    Chengdu Marriott Hotel Financial Centre, China

  • AWE Asia 2021 Recap

  • AWE Asia 2021, with the theme of “Where XR Business Thrives”, is organized by Sunrise International and co-organized by Shadow Creator. Through the online and in-person global linkage, linking industry top enterprises such as Sense Time, Agora, Rokid, Baidu, OPPO and MAD Gaze, we will discuss how XR can contribute to the realization of metaverse, the application of VR and AR in games, fitness, education, travel and other fields for innovation, dismantle the industrialization and mass scenario use of XR, discuss the development trend and opportunities of XR, and accelerate the interaction and development of whole XR industry chain.The conference brought together more than 50 industry keynote speeches and panel discussions, more than 40 outstanding domestic XR companies and projects, and 6 heavyweight new product launches in the XR industry, attracting over 1,000 industry participants, focusing global attention on China and bringing the innovation, ideas, and products of Chinese companies in the XR field to the center of the world stage.


    In addition to the main stage of the conference, AWE Asia 2021 also set up additional substage with the themes of new product launch, XRTALK and XR Startup Roadshow, providing an excellent opportunity for domestic XR enterprises to show themselves, exchange ideas and gain investment.


    In “XR TALK”, 10 XR developers and innovators from different industries spread their creativity and ideas to promote continuous exploration and innovation in the industry. Finally, Li Zhang from Jing Teng Technology won the XR TALK KING with “Virtual Becoming Real”.


    In the “XR Startup Roadshow”, 10 outstanding projects were presented in the roadshow, showing the trend of XR form more diversified development and industry determination. For the roadshow projects, AWE Asia specially invited active investors in the industry, such as Agora, Fangchuang Capital, Hongtai (Chongqing) Aplus, Jicheng Capital, Osram, Guangqi Jianxin, Zhongping Capital, etc., to join them and give professional advice from the perspective of investors to help outstanding projects quickly “get out of the circle” and get investment.


    AWE Asia 2021 helps people see the unlimited possibilities of the XR industryand attracts the attention of mainstream media both at home and abroad, so that industry partners from around the world focus on this world-oriented XR industry event from China, accelerating international exchange and cooperation, and jointly promoting the innovation and development of the XR industry.

  • AWE Asia 2021 Main Stage Agenda

  • AWE Asia 2021 Speakers

    Ori Inbar

    AWE and Super Ventures

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer​

    AWE Asia & Sunrise International

    Ryan Hu​

    AWE Asia
    Executive Director

    Victor Sun

    Shadow Creator Group
    Founder & Chairman

    Alvin Wang Graylin

    China President

    Shuqin Zhu

    Juhaokan Technology/Hisense
    Deputy General Manager

    Jordan Cheng

    MAD Gaze Co. Limited

    Zhuopeng Zhang

    Hangzhou Guangli Technology Co., Ltd.

    Feiyu Li

    Product Director

    Lashare Chen

    Hongke Technology Co., Ltd.

    Zifu Zheng

    Beijing Qinglang Lighting Technology,
    General Manager

    Chunyuan Liao

    Founder & CEO

    Yu Yuan​

    Chair of IEEE VR/AR Standards Committee

    Gabriel Guo

    XR China Business Director

    Wayne Wang

    Senior Product Manager

    Qinming Ren

    Industry Solution Director

    Weir Sun

    ams OSRAM Group
    System Solution Engineering Manager

    Feige Xiao

    Chengdu Art Museum
    Deputy Director

    Jinxin Hu

    Shadow Creator Group
    Deputy Chairman

    Bo Li

    RealWear (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
    Co-founder & CEO

    James Zhong

    RD Director

    Fei Wu

    Beijing LLVision Technology
    Founder & CEO

    Michael Zhang​


    Lianpeng Wu​

    Juhaokan Technology Co., Ltd.
    General Manager of AR/VR Product Division

    Stephen Chen

    Easy Health

    Steve Zhang

    Shanghai Movision Information Technology Ltd.

    Wenquan Li

    Skyworth New World Technology Co., Ltd
    General Manager

    Chonglei Zhong

    LUCI tech Co.,LTD
    Product Director

    Weiqi Zhao

    Director, Product & Engineer

    Stella Hou

    IoT Product Director

    Yingchao Li

    The director of AR Technology Department

    Joe Sciacchetano

    Rebuff Reality
    CEO & Founder

    Alfie Lv


    Eric Oetting

    Planet O
    Founder & CEO

    Alexis Huille


    Haoguang Wang

    Chief Technical Engineer

    Lianyun Wang​

    China 3D Industry Association
    Committee Member/General-Secretary

    Yu Zheng​

    Lingxi AR Technology Co., Ltd.
    Founder & CEO

    Peter Liu

    Nanjing Ruiyue Technology
    Nibiru Co-founder & VP

    Tianbo Han

    Mantis Vision
    Strategy Director
  • AWE Asia 2021 has added a new series "Global 3D Virtual Expo", which is the first time to host a VR expo in a 3D space, allowing renowned exhibitors from around the world to interact and communicate with overseas participants, get overseas media attention, and effectively connect with overseas resources.
    All attendees will be able to participate in the AWE Asia "Global 3D Virtual Expo" free of charge to communicate with outstanding exhibitors from home. We reconstructed the offline scene online for the virtual expo. Attendees don't need to install any software or plugins, and with simple one-click to have the same immersive experience as an offline event.
  • Demo Showcase

  • AWE Asia 2021 Online Speakers

     Mike Pell​



    Max Limper

    Darmstadt Graphics Group


    Darren Milne​



    Ross O’Brien

    National Health Service
    Director, Innovation and Technology

    Tish Shute​

    Futurewei Technologies
    Director AR/VR

    Kiira Benzing

    Double Eye Studios

    Executive Creative Director

    Joe Michaels

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Ashley Crowder

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Vivian Chan

    NexTech AR Solutions

    Global Head of Digital Sales

    Eugene Panich



    Ben Erwin

    The Polys - WebXR Awards


    Jessica Stone

    Virtual Sandtray


    Parul Wadhwa


    Creative Director

    Fabian Rücker

    Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research


    Lou Doye

    QXR Studios; Doye Mosses Productions

    Artistic Director

    Damien Mcduffle

    Black Terminus AR

    Founder & Creative Director

  • Exhibitors of Global 3D Virtual Expo